CRF and CRF First Choice, Inc. have developed into an all-encompassing service organization that had its beginning in family care during the early 1970’s.  From providing just room and board to the full menu of services that the MR/DD population requires today, we have committed ourselves to successfully bridging these individuals into present day society.  From the conception of the organization, Raymond and Sharon Mauger have envisioned programs that assist the developmentally disabled person to function to the best of their ability in today’s environment.  Starting out as a workshop director after years of public school teaching, Mr. Mauger’s company has grown to include residential homes, Medicaid waiver programs, semi-independent living and fulfilling any need that is deemed necessary by professionals for individuals with special needs.

The company began as a small family-oriented agency, providing services for the MR/DD individual.  These included room and board, arranging medical appointments and providing a family-oriented atmosphere. The individuals came from their homes, state institutions and nursing homes.  Basic skills training were also provided during this period of the operations.  When ICF/MR (intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded) came into being, this agency was one of the first, if not the first, to start operation under the auspices of Health Care Financing Administration regulations in Indiana.  Even during this transformation situation, the agency remained family owned and operated, and continued to perform as a family-oriented unity.  As we have grown over the years, we continue to maintain this family-oriented type of professionalism when addressing the needs of the developmentally disabled.

During our thirty-five (35) years of service we have provided specialized optional programs requiring various levels of support.  From Moderate to Basic level functioning individuals, we support all areas of need.  We have maintained our family-oriented caring policy and philosophy.  We pride ourselves in maintaining a dedicated and caring staff; and this we believe will propel us into the 21st century as a leader in the provision of services to the developmentally disabled.