Our Philosophy

CRF-First Choice is a family owned and operated corporation that values the importance of home and family. Therefore, the individuals we care for are encouraged to maintain relationships, develop a network of friends, and prevent themselves from becoming a separate entity from their family and community. The extent to which a person becomes a member of their community is a matter of personal preference. As a minimum, community membership means that the individual will help make major as well as day to day decisions affecting their life. Family, home, friends and community inclusion are essential for each individual to reach their maximal development, and realization of their potential is an integral part of each resident’s life regardless of their disability.

CRF-First Choice has realized that being a responsible service provider means creating new and meaningful experiences for each person that comes into our care. Where there are barriers, we will advocate for change, and work diligently to overcome and succeed. Our staff are dedicated to assisting each individual to exert greater control over their life, better develop and exercise their competencies, and experience a sense of belonging, security, and self-respect.