Our History

Since its humble beginnings in 1970, Res CRF has grown and blossomed into the all-encompassing family care organization that it is today. From the simple needs of room and board to the more intensive care plans and therapies that the individuals require, the people of Residential CRF are committed to helping integrate those with disabilities into a society where they can be allowed to grow and build themselves to be as productive as possible. Our founders, Raymond and Sharon Mauger, had made it a point to create programs and services that help the individuals function effectively in the world and in their own lives. With years of teaching under his belt, Mr. Mauger started this company doing workshops and teaching valuable life skills to those within the community before his business blossomed into the wide network of individualized care that it is today. At the time of its creation, CRF was family owned and operated so much so that the Maugers even took individuals into their own home to care for as many people as they possibly could. From the ground up, Mr. and Mrs. Mauger have grown the company to include residential homes, Medicaid waiver programs, semi-independent living communities, and other features to help tailor professional care for the individuals we serve.

This company made its start as a small, family-oriented agency focused on providing exceptional care and services for the disabled individuals we work with. Making appointments, providing a stable home, and assisting with daily activities are only a small part of the work that our staff is dedicated to putting in to each of the individuals we serve. When these individuals came to us from institutions, group homes, or their own homes, we worked to build and maintain their basic skills and improve their lives and relationships with the community. When CRF first came into being, our agency became one of the first to start operating under the regulations set forth by the Health Care Financing Administration in Indiana. Even as we have expanded and changed over the years, our focus on family-oriented care has remained unwavering as we attend to the ever-persisting needs of the developmentally disabled individuals.

Throughout our nearly 50 years of service, CRF has been able to provide specialized occupational programs that require various levels of support by staff. From those with Moderate to Basic level functioning, we are able to aid in the development of skills and caring of needs across the board. We pride ourselves in having a dedicated staff eager to care for our clients and help them to better themselves each day. From our small, home-based agency to the prosperous company we have become, we at CRF have maintained our focus on family-oriented care and will continue to provide our individualized services for many years to come.